Our volunteers are an essential part of our community—their help, cheerfulness, and talent go a long way towards enriching the lives of our residents as well as our staff. If you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity in Midlothian, Virginia, that’s rewarding in many ways, let us know by filling out our volunteer application form.


To learn more about our Volunteer Program and joining our team, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (804) 379-1700, ext. 184 or e-mail volunteer@brandermillwoods.com.

We are looking for volunteers to help cover our secondary information desk, Monday through Friday in 3 hour shifts (9:00-12:00pm; 12:00-3:00pm; 3:00-6:00pm).  For more information and details contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 804-379-7100, ext. 184, or volunteer@brandermillwoods.com.


Thank you for your interest in joining our volunteer team!  Volunteers are indispensable contributors to the high level of service we provide our residents.

All prospective volunteers are required to complete this volunteer application, and sign the confidentiality agreement and liability release.  A parent or legal guardian must review and sign these documents if the applicant is under 18 years old.  If the application is approved, the applicant will be invited to interview with the volunteer coordinator, tour the facility, and review the expectations for volunteers.  Volunteers not yet in high school are required to bring a parent or legal guardian to this meeting, as well as when volunteering.

Please note that all volunteers must abide by the rules and ethics of our community.  Review of the handbook is part of the interview, however, volunteers should review the Volunteer Handbook for further details and ongoing reference.  Additionally, all volunteers will serve a probationary period of 90 days (or 30 hours) to determine if the volunteer assignment is a mutually beneficial arrangement, as well as to assess the performance and contributions of the new volunteer.

If you have any questions, please contact Sheri Frampton, Volunteer Coordinator, at (804) 379-7100, ext.184, or e-mail to: volunteer@brandermillwoods.com.

What kind of volunteer activities interest you?
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Arts and Crafts Therapy
Music Therapy
Spending some time with a resident
Room Visits
Social Gatherings
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
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3rd Choice
Art, Music, Reading, Cooking, Pottery/Ceramics, Nature, Knitting/Crochet, Quilting, Other

Please list two non-related references, and please include an e-mail address if available:

Please review the following requirements and sign to indicate your agreement:

Please review the following requirements and sign to indicate your agreement:

I agree to a criminal background check. The aforementioned information will be used to check criminal history.

I understand that Brandermill Woods is a drug-free environment where use of any mood altering drugs while on duty is forbidden in order to provide a safe environment for our residents. Violation of our drug-free environment policy will result in immediate removal from the premises and will likely also result in termination of the volunteer arrangement.

I agree to regard all information received at/by Brandermill Woods as confidential. I understand that this facility respects residents’ rights with regard to privacy of information. I agree to abide by this and all other policies and procedures set by Brandermill Woods.

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Brandermill Woods Retirement Community Volunteer Release of Liability Agreement

1.         I accept the opportunity to volunteer for the Chesterfield, the Health Care Center, and/or the Holly Inn at Brandermill Woods.  I recognize that I am a volunteer and not an employee; therefore, I am not entitled to any of the benefits or protections provided to employees under federal or state law, or the policies of Brandermill Woods (“Release Party”).

2.         As consideration for the opportunity to volunteer at the Chesterfield, the Health Care Center, and/or the Holly Inn at Brandermill Woods and in recognition of my own personal benefit from participation in the volunteer program, I agree to waive any actions I have against Brandermill Woods, as provided in the terms below.

3.         I hereby waive any rights for claims that I may have against any and all the Released parties’ respective officers, directors, agents, employees, volunteers and representatives for any and all injuries, losses, claims, demands, liabilities or causes of action that may arise during my participation as a volunteer.

4.        I hereby acknowledge that I, my assignees, heirs, guardians, next of kin and legal representatives agree to waive any right to sue for money, damages, or any other relief from the Released Party.

5.         I agree that in the event that any of the provisions of this Agreement are deemed invalid by any judicial authority, the invalidity of such provision does not affect the legality or enforcement of the remainder of the Agreement.

6.         I understand that the provisions of this agreement are legally binding under contract law and my acceptance of the agreement constitutes and express and final release of any and all claims against the Released Party.

I attest that I have read, reviewed and fully understand the contents of the above document and acknowledge

my acceptance by my signature below.

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