Brandermill Woods is more than just a place to live comfortably and under expert care. It’s a thriving, close-knit community made up of residents, visitors, and staff members who all share a respect for one another and a dedication to redefining retirement.

Because to us, retirement is just the beginning. We founded Brandermill Woods to be a jumping off point—a beautiful canvas for whatever its residents want it to be. Through our programming, our facilities, and our neighborhood resources, that canvas can become a peaceful haven, a town square, or even a dance floor.

We believe that our residents deserve to focus on the activities they love and the friends they make—we’ll take care of everything else. From world-class dining to skilled home maintenance to on-site medical care, we keep things running smoothly in the background. That’s our commitment to you.


The idea for Brandermill Woods—a retirement community based around a continuum of care—was born in 1986. At that time, nothing quite like it existed in Central Virginia. Its 57 Independent Living residences, 60 apartments in Assisted Living, and 60 beds in the Health Care Center were all comfortably situated within the planned Brandermill community. As a result, seniors could live in a beautiful, wooded setting and enjoy the same social and recreational activities as any Brandermill resident.

Within a decade, Brandermill Woods had grown to include an additional 140 Independent Living residences and the state-of-the-art memory care facility, the Holly Inn. We completely rethought our dining program, added a full slate of activities, and dedicated ourselves to compassionate, skilled care while our residents made it possible for us to establish a retirement community full of active, vibrant individuals.

Our newest expansion lets us offer even more to our residents, their families, and our staff. More food options, a theater, a pool, more space for our popular happy hour, and lots of room for us all to explore our hobbies and our passions. We’re in this together—our residents, our staff (many of whom have been at Brandermill Woods for decades), our volunteers, and our visitors.

We’ve been redefining retirement for over 30 years, and we plan to keep doing so for at least 30 more. Come visit Brandermill Woods and see what we mean.

If Brandermill Woods hasn’t thought of it, it doesn’t exist!
-Kay Muhr, Resident
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