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Brandermill Woods Foundation Scholarship

The Brandermill Woods Foundation Scholarship provides financial assistance to employees of Brandermill Woods Retirement Community to further their high school, college, technical, or job related education. The Scholarship Application, Scholarship Applicant Evaluation, and Scholarship Interview Questions are included in this policy. To apply for the Brandermill Woods Foundation Scholarship, click here.


All applicants must have completed at least one year of service total. The scholarship is open to all eligible full-time and part-time employees without regard to sex, race, religion, age, nationality or disability. Individuals at the executive level and department directors are not eligible for the scholarship. Scholarship winners must wait one year after receiving the scholarship before applying for another scholarship.


Interested employees must complete the Scholarship Application Form by the announced submission date, inform their supervisor of their application, and request that the supervisor complete a Scholarship Applicant Evaluation as part of the application process. The scholarship application shall be submitted to the Human Resources Department or through an online application through the Brandermill Woods website, www.brandermillwoods.com.

Applicants may be required to appear for an interview. The applicant’s supervisor must submit the completed Scholarship Applicant Evaluation to Human Resources. HR will add the evaluation to the application package for review.


Scholarship applications will be reviewed based on criteria including work performance, attendance, initiative, work environment, personal organization, interpersonal skills, problem solving, supervisor’s evaluation, importance of the scholarship, and a personal interview.

The Foundation Scholarship Committee will review all applications and interview all applicants. The Scholarship Review Committee may include members of the community if an additional employee scholarship funded by individuals or organizations other than the Foundation is to be awarded. Employees may review the Scholarship Interview Questions attached to this document.

Verification of Enrollment and Course Completion

Applicants must provide the Foundation with verification of enrollment in an accredited institution of learning and provide proof (i.e. receipts) of the educational application of the award. The term "educational" means any course taken at an accredited institution that is directly related to the employees present job, to reach the GED level of education, or to gain advancement to a position with Brandermill Woods which he/she has a reasonable expectation of achieving. Costs covered by this award may include tools or supplies purchased by the participant. The costs of meals, lodging, or transportation incurred by the participant incidental to taking an educational course are not covered under this scholarship award.

The term “accredited institution” means any college or university, state approved GED program, high school or state approved vocational, technical school or professional certification, the primary function of which is formal instruction. Said accredited institution must employ a regular faculty teaching established curricula. It must have an enrolled body of students in attendance at the site of its educational activities.

The awardee must remain an employee in good standing with Brandermill Woods. If the employee is terminated for any reason, all remaining scholarship funds must be returned to the Foundation.

Misappropriation of scholarship funds can result in termination of employment and a requirement to repay all the awarded funds.

If an employee is temporarily unable to attend classes or withdraws and receives a refund as a result, the refund must be returned to the Foundation. When the employee begins classes again, the balance of the refund will be issued to the employee with the same restrictions as before.

Re-issue of the scholarship funds in the above situation will occur only if the original withdrawal was for extenuating circumstances approved by the Foundation. If the Foundation does not approve the withdrawal, the employee will be ineligible for another scholarship for two years.


The winner(s) of the scholarship(s) will be honored at a Brandermill Woods Foundation event. All applicants may be required to attend the event.

Brandermill Woods Foundation Scholarship Application

The scholarship is open to all eligible full-time and part-time employees of Brandermill Woods without regard to sex, race, religion, age, nationality or disability.