Why You Should Downsize to a CCRC in the SummerBrandermill Woods independent living angle

Why You Should Downsize to a CCRC in the Summer

Friday, July 28, 2023

Considering a move to a continuing care retirement community? If you’re ready for Independent Living, there’s really no bad time to get packing. But if you’ve been trying to decide on the perfect moment, consider this summer. The warmer weather holds many advantages for people who want to downsize, from quicker home sales to dry weather on moving day.

Better Sales Environment

Many people sell their homes to finance a transition to senior living. A better sale price gives you more flexibility to choose the community that’s right for you. Real estate agents consider the end of spring and the beginning of summer to be the best time to list a home. Families are often looking to move while school's out, and people prefer to visit open houses in nice weather. At this time of year, your home is more likely to sell quickly and for a higher price.

An Easier Move

Virginia may not get as much snow as the northern states, but it’s still icy during the winter. In summer, you’re less likely to slip when moving boxes back and forth. You'll also find more willing volunteers to help you move. Another plus if you need to downsize? A bigger crowd at any yard sale you hold. Host a party afterward, and pass along any heirlooms to your loved ones. As a bonus, although there are still only 24 hours in a day, having more hours of sunshine can make you feel more productive.

Enjoy the Holidays

Once summer is over, the pace of life can start picking up. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all seem to come in a rush. Moving during summer means you don’t need to maneuver around your holiday plans. You have more free time to pack and get your new home set up just the way you want it. You’ll be all settled by fall and ready to welcome your family for a traditional Thanksgiving feast.

Avoid Winter Chores

The fall and winter chores can seem never-ending, with leaves to rake, heating systems to check, and snow to shovel. If you have a leaky roof or damaged tree, you may be tempted to climb a ladder in the rain to do repairs. Moving during the summer means leaving all that behind. At Brandermill Woods, the maintenance is taken care of. Instead of worrying about burst pipes, you can spend your time playing golf, learning mah-jongg, or experiencing the many available amenities.

Meet Your Neighbors

Brandermill Woods is a friendly community, and you’ll quickly feel welcome no matter when you move in. But something about summer makes meeting new friends feel more natural. You’ll encounter your neighbors as you walk your dog along Swift Creek Lake, explore the greenhouse, or get acquainted with your new neighborhood. It often feels like everyone is out enjoying the warm weather, and summer lets you experience the vibrancy of your new home.

Moving during the summer gives you ample time to get comfortable at Brandermill Woods before the temperatures drop. You can meet our caring staff, build new relationships, and experience the many advantages of moving to a retirement community in Midlothian, VA. If you’re ready to take the next step toward downsizing, book a tour or call us today at (804) 744-1173.