What We’re Thankful for at Brandermill WoodsBrandermill Woods independent living angle

What We’re Thankful for at Brandermill Woods

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays – a restful time all about family and food, without the madness of shopping, costumes and the like. We’ve got a lot to be thankful for here in Central Virginia. Above all else, we’re thankful for our seniors and their families for giving our lives purpose.

With that in mind, we recently asked some of our residents what they’re most thankful for. We have a lot of special seniors at Brandermill Woods, and here is a sampling of what they told us:

“We are most thankful for our family. We are a crazy bunch, but always there for celebrations and also through the difficult times. We are truly blessed.” —“T” and Bob Butz

“I am thankful for 50 years with my wife, Judy. What a joy she has been to me.” —Dick English

“After waiting for six years for my daughter, she gave me so much pleasure as a caring and loving child, and as an adult she brought me to Brandermill Woods. Thank you, God, from the bottom of my heart.” —Mary Ann Ketcham

“There is so much to be thankful for. Family and friends would have to be at the top of the list. The support and love of one’s family members are without comparison. The longevity and loyalty of close friends are to be treasured and valued.” —Tom Hephner

Thank You from Brandermill Woods

All of us on staff are thankful we get to work every day with such inspiring individuals. As we reflect on our seniors and re-defining retirement, here are five things we’re grateful for this Thanksgiving:

Family: Whether it’s a husband and wife in our independent living community, a visiting son or daughter, or an extended relative, there’s no one in this life like family. While we are here to serve our seniors, we want to make sure families are welcome, whether it’s to visit for a holiday meal or just an afternoon drop-in to say hello. We love to hear about visits from our seniors’ loved ones.

Friendship: When we set out to re-define retirement, one of our goals was to build a community where seniors could make new friends and enjoy their newfound freedom. Whether it’s movie night, a fitness class or simply breaking bread in one of our dining areas, we are constantly looking for ways to foster friendship.

Fellowship: Having family and friends would be a waste without time for fellowship. Our residents are always telling us they don’t know how they did it when they were working. They have so much to do that they’re always on the go. Check out our latest social calendar to see what’s happening this month at Brandermill Woods.

Food: It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without all the favorites—turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie … but food is a 365-day requirement, and our philosophy is that food is about more than consuming calories. It’s a chance to relax and savor all that life has to offer. In addition to our traditional dining services, we recently expanded to add a bistro and formal dining room in our clubhouse, giving residents more choices for healthy and delicious meals.

Fun: At rock bottom, our goal is to make life fun. A life of purpose is one you enjoy, and we believe fun stems from having things to do and people do to them with. That’s what it means to live at Brandermill Woods. In the words of resident Pat Dunlap, “Living here is like being at summer camp all the time. Good friends, good food, good fun.”