What Does “Person-Centered Care” Really Mean for Senior Living?Brandermill Woods independent living angle

What Does “Person-Centered Care” Really Mean for Senior Living?

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Here at Brandermill Woods, we’ve made it our mission to redefine retirement and provide a different kind of senior living community. A place where seniors in Central Virginia can feel at home and enjoy all the activities they dreamed of after their working years. Where they can make new friends and have a new adventure every day. We also make it our mission to provide “person-centered care,” which means something a little different throughout our continuum of care.

“Our independent living community is focused on lifestyle, whereas memory care at The Holly Inn is focused on compassionate care,” explained Mira Pallotta, Executive Director of Brandermill Woods. “But at the end of the day, all the ways we provide person-centered care have one thing in common: the focus on our residents—their individual needs, their likes and dislikes, and a tailor-made retirement.”

Read below to learn more about what person-centered care means at Brandermill Woods.

Lifestyle-Driven Independent Living

The cornerstone of life at Brandermill Woods is our independent living community. Here independent means independent. Our seniors have a thirst for life and are in charge of their own destinies. To help them make the most of their retirement, our person-centered care approach means offering great amenities and designing a full calendar of social activities that promote the active lifestyle our residents are looking for. Above all, service is the key aspect of our independent living community.

Comfort and Care at The Chesterfield

As a continuum of care retirement community, we are here for our residents as their needs change. The Chesterfield is our assisted living community and provides residents with the care they need while maintaining much of the independence they want. Here, person-centered care means we evaluate the resident and design the level of care they need—whether it’s assistance with everyday activities such as meals and medication management, or more in-depth needs such as mobility and early-stage memory disorders.

Compassion and Security at The Holly Inn

Memory loss can be frightening, so our goal with The Holly Inn is to give residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia a safe space to live, explore treatment options, and maintain an engaging and stimulating lifestyle. The form dementia takes is unique to every person, so our expertly trained staff members get to know each resident on a personal level—their needs, their likes and dislikes, and their personal stories. The result is an atmosphere that is warm, caring, and safe.

Dignity at The Haven

Whether residents need short-term rehabilitation or full-time nursing or end-of-life care, our nurses at The Haven work closely with residents, their physicians, and families to create an individualized plan of care. Residents receive the best available nursing care 24 hours a day. It’s more than the quality of services that makes The Haven unique; it’s our staff’s commitment to each resident—creating a comfortable and secure environment where residents can live in dignity.

Through every stage of a senior’s life, Brandermill Woods has set a high bar for personalized service and care, helping us redefine retirement every step of the way. If you’ve never visited our community, be sure to stop by for a tour soon to see what we’re all about.