The Benefits of Renting in a Continuing Care CommunityBrandermill Woods independent living angle

The Benefits of Renting in a Continuing Care Community

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

You have made the decision to sell the big house, scale down the maintenance and yard work, and move to a setting where you can spend your time on the activities and sports you love instead of chores you dread.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) are increasingly in demand as they provide not just freedom from the responsibility of home ownership but a place where lifelong care is provided as your needs change.

CCRC’s provide for you now and in the future. Not just this year or next, but through the rest of your life so that you can remain in your community without having to move later. Continuing care retirement communities such as Brandermill Woods provide this option. You are able to rent an independent living apartment or cottage, then, if you should need it, move to a short term or long term stay in our Health Care Facilities.

One of the most important considerations in choosing your retirement community is planning for that next step in your future. Brandermill Woods offers assisted living, memory care, skilled care and long-term care should the need arise. Our residents have priority admission versus those living outside of the community. The headache of having to sell a home during a critical time of life is eliminated.

In addition, the array of cultural and recreational activities available at Brandermill Woods include: swimming, golf, walking trails and fitness center, all of which can save you costly gym and country club memberships and provide you with an instant social life. Other priceless services such as round the clock security, access to a wellness nurse and transportation to local venues, such as shopping, groceries and some events are provided too. As a general rule of thumb, continuing care retirement communities tend to offer more of these amenities making them an especially good deal.

If you have decided on a move to a CCRC, your next decision is whether to choose a buy-in or rental.

You can buy-in to your CCRC by giving them a large sum of money upfront. This guarantees you a place for life, even as your health needs and level of care changes. In addition, you will have monthly fees. Often, the buy-in amount can be a considerable part of your estate.

Many people resist doing this as they have families and want their children to benefit from their assets. They may also feel that they would be stuck if they chose to move closer to children or other relatives, or if they just decided they wanted a change. Others want to leave their investments intact as a source of income.

The rental option provides for that. The monthly rental fee is comparable to the monthly fee of a buy-in community. These costs are generally based on the style of home that you select. You get all the benefits of the buy-in community but with the flexibility and mobility of an annual lease. You are paying for the care you need in the environment you want as you need it, not up front.

Renting at a Continuing Care Retirement Community like Brandermill Woods, you have freedom from the work and expense of endless exterior and interior maintenance. The freedom to travel without having someone check on your house. And, should you decide to pick up and move closer to your children, spend a year traveling the world, or choose a completely different lifestyle, you will have the opportunity to do that at the end of your lease. The sense of security knowing higher levels of care are available adds an additional level of peace of mind.