The Benefits of Physical Therapy in Skilled NursingBrandermill Woods independent living angle

The Benefits of Physical Therapy in Skilled Nursing

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Some health conditions, such as arthritis and osteoporosis, make it more difficult to move around. It's okay if you can't run a marathon or lift 50 pounds at the gym, but even if you have limited mobility, it's important to aim for at least a little movement every day. If you ever have to move from Independent Living to Skilled Nursing at Brandermill Woods, you'll have access to experienced physical therapists who can help you remain active. Keep reading to learn more about the synergy between Skilled Nursing and physical therapy!

Why Is Movement So Important?

When you hear the word "movement," you might think about exercising to avoid weight gain. While it's true that movement is important for maintaining your desired weight, there are many other benefits to staying active. According to researchers from Harvard Medical School, sitting around all day makes it more likely that you'll develop problems with your heart and blood vessels. When you spend most of your time sitting, your large muscles use less glucose, causing your blood sugar to increase. Eventually, this causes inflammation, increasing the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Movement also strengthens your bones and muscles, making it easier to lift groceries, walk around one of the Richmond area's many parks, and perform other activities. Even more importantly, strengthening your bones and muscles can also help reduce your risk of falls, which may help you avoid serious fractures as you get older.

Physical Therapy in Skilled Nursing Settings

If you have limited mobility, don't get discouraged. You don't have to run laps or lift weights to reap the benefits of regular movement. Simply walking around the room or doing a few stretches every day can help you improve your physical condition. Once you move to Skilled Nursing, you can also work with a trained physical therapist to determine the best way to stay active with your limitations.

On their own, Skilled Nursing and physical therapy have many benefits. When you pair them together, they produce a high level of synergy. In other words, the benefits are multiplied, so you benefit more from both services than you would from just one.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Working with a physical therapist has many benefits, especially if you have a health condition that limits your mobility in some way. Before you do a single exercise, you'll undergo a thorough assessment to identify areas of concern and help the therapist develop a customized treatment plan. Your therapy program may include exercises, massage, electrical stimulation, and other treatment modalities.

During a PT session, your therapist will demonstrate each exercise and make sure you understand how to perform the steps safely. They may also provide support to help you maintain your balance and reduce your risk of injury. Here's an example of a basic PT exercise that can help you strengthen your body and maximize the benefits of Skilled Nursing.

If you're concerned about the strength of your upper arm muscles, your therapist may have you perform a wall push-up. This exercise is ideal for adults with mobility issues, as it doesn't require you to lie on the floor. Instead, you stand close to a wall and use it as a push-up surface. These are the steps you'd follow:

1. Stand about an arm's length away from the wall.

2. Place your hands on the wall.

3. Take one step back.

4. Bend your elbows and lower your chest toward the wall.

5. Keep lowering your chest until your upper arms are in line with your back.

Maintain Your Mobility

At Brandermill Woods, we have experienced health care professionals available to help residents improve their mobility and avoid chronic pain. Call (804) 621-7328 to schedule a tour and learn more about the services available in our Skilled Nursing community.