Status Update from Charmaine Preiss, Executive Director Jun 12Brandermill Woods independent living angle

Status Update from Charmaine Preiss, Executive Director Jun 12

Friday, June 12, 2020

It is with great pleasure to report that we have exceeded our goal of 28 days with no new COVID-19 cases, today is our 30th day.  We are so proud of our committed employees who have gone over and above to keep our residents as safe as possible.  This week we had eight (8) more of our quarantined residents test negative and are on the mend from COVID-19. We still have eight confirmed cases including two members of our staff so the outbreak is not behind us yet. We want to wish everyone a full recovery.

Our re-opening efforts have been a big success with our residents and their families in both our Independent Living and Health Care Communities.  We want to encourage everyone to take part in our visiting program. If you want more information or to schedule a visit with a family member please call extension #178 for Health Care Community and #302 for Independent Living Community.

I do want to take this time to thank all of our resident groups and our ILU Resident Council for all of the input they have provided us around our reopening plans. We recently finalized a four-step process that outlines how operations will return to normal in our Independent Living Community.  A hard copy has been distributed to all ILU residents and that plan can be found on the ILU Resident App.  We have already implemented step one of that plan and hope to progress to step two on June 21st.  Everyone’s diligence in following proper safety precautions will be needed if we want to continue our re-opening process. We also are working on a plan for our Health Care Community but need to get some additional feedback from the Health Department before we can launch that effort.

The re-opening of our Fitness Center and Pool has been keeping our staff very busy. As a reminder, we are operating on a reservation basis at the moment and hope to expand opportunities for our residents during step 2. We also hope to open our Studio for art and pottery classes in the coming weeks and most importantly, an additional stylist and nail specialist in our Beauty Salon will be back at the end of the month opening more appointment times for everyone.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for your patience and understanding as we continue to manage through this pandemic. We have overcome some serious challenges over the last few months, and your support through it all helped to make that possible. When this is all over, I promise you, we will be throwing a party for everyone.