Status Update from Charmaine Preiss, Executive Director May 29Brandermill Woods independent living angle

Status Update from Charmaine Preiss, Executive Director May 29

Friday, May 29, 2020

I’m feeling a sense of encouragement today with the latest developments related to our pandemic response. I’m happy to report that we have experienced a total of 16 days without a new COVID-19 case on our property. While we hope we are approaching the end of this coronavirus outbreak, we know there may be setbacks, but our hopes are high. We take comfort in knowing that 23 residents and staff members have fully recovered from this terrible virus and 16 others are recovering well. The chart below reflects the breakdown of areas affected.

We are also starting to work on our plans to lift some of the restrictions currently in place at the Independent Living community.  Before we can start to lift some of the restrictions in our Health Care community, which includes The Haven, Assisted Living and Memory Care, the Health Department guidelines require that we experience 28 days without reporting a new case.  I’m sure we are all eager to put this coronavirus crisis behind us but I want to remind everyone what the experts have been predicting for some time. This virus will be with us for the long term and our need to be cautious and follow safety protocols will be critical.

Please find attached two messages from current Assisted Living residents that we found inspiring. The first message demonstrates the benefits of virtual visits.  Please consider having one as a way to connect with your loved one.  The second message that is included gives a sweet “shout out” to our Dining staff.

Thank you for your support, it really means a lot to each of us.

Written by: Resident in Assisted Living  

Zoom, the new communication. We all have so much time on our hands now. If you notice, having time does not always make us more productive, but makes us a bit lazy. I try to set up and follow through on projects but am not always successful. I definitely need motivation.

What a blessing that we can see and talk to whomever is brave enough to explore the latest technology. It really is easy and fun for those of us with doting minds.

I have had wonderfully satisfying visits with my Cardiologist and internist. They both appeared relaxed and patient. I was very satisfied as a patient. I have seen more of my grandchildren than in the last year. I try to keep up with their interests and keep current with the world and sound sharp, which motivates me to pay attention to the current news and family chatter. My children love Zoom and I meet and talk to all of them at once. I am so impressed with the current communication mode. They all feel free to give me advice which I may or may not need.

It has been fun to connect with old girlfriends from school days, as well as life of having moved 28 times in my married life and the ability to collect friends. You hear all about their family news, renew the times of joy that our memories bring us. There is so much to catch up with. You can connect with different groups from all phases of your life and it is great fun. One of my favorite things to do on Zoom is to have a cocktail and the conversation is easy after that. What fun it is to hear all the news of their lives. We laugh and always sympathetically for those who have had losses.

Written by: Resident in Assisted Living to the Dining Staff


There is so little time to chatter, so little time to hug, and so little to say “special words,”. You must know how much I worry about you! Please don’t listen to “clown garbage.”. Eat good food and don’t drink anything you would not give anything anyone! This is all a redundant but you, in some wonderful way belong to me too. We are all here for his purpose. If you don’t know what it is you will learn. It may not be clear but you will find it. We all depend on you for love, for understanding, for life, just because you are us. Please take care of yourself we care about, we appreciate more than anything. We love you! Hug one another but don’t touch. Together we are one! We can battle win any battle.