Status Update from Charmaine Preiss, Executive Director - 10/3/22Brandermill Woods independent living angle

Status Update from Charmaine Preiss, Executive Director - 10/3/22

Monday, October 3, 2022

Health Care Community – The Haven, Assisted Living and Memory Care

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released long-awaited updates to COVID-19 recommendations on September 23, 2022. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has accordingly updated their requirements as well. The updated recommendations provide greater flexibility for individuals living and working in our Health Care Community than previous guidance.

We will continue to use Community Transmission Rates to inform infection prevention and control practices rather than the COVID Community Levels utilized by the general public. The community transmission rates will be checked every Monday to best determine infection control practices based on current conditions. Depending on the community transmission rates the requirements for masks could change from week to week. As of today, our Community Transmission is HIGH and the positivity rate is 8.4%.

We will be revising our Visitor screening process this week. We are happy to inform you that all visitors are allowed in the common areas, however, this does not include dining areas at this time. Visitors who have traveled out of the country will no longer be required to test. Please review all new signage throughout the community on our new protocols. Our Front Desk receptionist will be happy to assist with the new protocols.

We will continue to utilize community transmission rates to inform source control decisions. Source control, including a well-fitting face mask, continues to be recommended for all individuals including residents, visitors, and team members when we are at a high community transmission. Additionally, masks are required regardless of community transmission rates for individuals who:

·      Have a confirmed or suspected respiratory infection. This includes respiratory infections that are not COVID infections, such as cold or flu.

·      Have had source control recommended by the public health department.

CDC also recommends a series of 3 tests for individuals newly admitted or readmitted in areas where community transmission rates are high. These individuals would be tested on the day of admission (Day 1), with negative tests repeated at 48-hour intervals on Day 3 and Day 5 post-admission. Quarantine is no longer required for new admissions, however, they are required to wear a surgical mask in all areas outside of their room, regardless of vaccination status.

Brandermill Woods is pleased with the updated recommendations from the CDC that reflect our advocacy on behalf of our residents and team members.  It is recommended that everyone should get the flu vaccine as well as the COVID Bivalent booster. The new Bivalent booster is available at local pharmacies in our area. We will be hosting a Bivalent Covid booster vaccine clinic later in October and the team will be reaching out regarding consent.

Please do not visit your loved one and contact your doctor if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms: sore throat, severe lingering headache, sinus/head pressure, head congestion, runny nose, nausea, cough, and fatigue. Visitors who are unable to adhere to our core principles of COVID-19 infection prevention that are consistent with the guidance for our community will not be permitted to visit or should be asked to leave.

For further questions regarding protocols, contact: Jennifer Pitzer at 804-379-7100 ext. 187 or

We remain steadfast in keeping you informed on changes related to COVID-19 in our Health Care Community and continue to follow the latest guidance from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Virginia Department of Health (VDH).  

During the week of October 10th through October 15th, 2022, we will recognize National Food Service Appreciation Week. Please help us as we celebrate our Dietary team members. They have “hands that serve and hearts that care”.  They help our residents stay nourished and healthy, along with doing a wonderful job following all CDC infection control prevention recommendations.  

Thank you for your support and patience as we navigate through the new guidelines to return to normal.