Senior Wellness in the Digital Age: The Benefits of Social Media for SeniorsBrandermill Woods independent living angle

Senior Wellness in the Digital Age: The Benefits of Social Media for Seniors

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

At Brandermill Woods, community-wide Wi-Fi makes it easy to access your favorite social media platforms. While social media sometimes gets a bad rap, it can offer several benefits, such as supporting senior wellness and mental health. No matter how you want to use social media, the helpful staff at Brandermill Woods is always available to work with you patiently as you learn new technology. Learn more about the benefits of social media for seniors before you head online.

Stay Connected to Your Friends and Family
The name says it all. Social media is a convenient way to stay social with friends and family members. If some of your favorite people don’t happen to live near our Independent Living community, you can still stay connected via social media platforms. Social media and mental wellness might not seem like a natural connection, but those social connections you make online can support senior wellness by preventing isolation.

You can scroll your feed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms to see what everyone is up to. It's a quick way to see announcements about things such as births, engagements, job promotions, and other big life moments. Plus, the little moments of humor and day-to-day joys that people post are surely good for the soul. You can also share your own updates, whether that's showing off your creation made in our woodworking shop or announcing your newest grandchild.

Try sending direct messages through social media platforms or commenting on people's posts. This gets a personal conversation going with people you don't get to see as often.

Explore Hobbies and Interests
Social media isn't just about sharing your personal achievements. Many creators use it to share their knowledge and ideas for various hobbies and topics. Instagram and Facebook can be particularly helpful when it comes to finding people who share an interest in your favorite topics. Following them can inspire your passion projects. You can also join groups on Facebook that relate to your hobbies. Consider Pinterest if you'd like a place to collect favorite images, links, or ideas onto individual "pin boards" that you can revisit and add to at any time.

Several amenities at Brandermill Woods let you test out the things you learn on social media, depending on your choice of hobbies. If gardening is your thing, you'll appreciate the greenhouse. Explore your creative side in the woodworking shop or arts-and-crafts room. Don’t forget to check out our game rooms to try out new strategies you learn for your favorite games.

Express Your Creativity or Share Knowledge
Perhaps you're keen on teaching or inspiring others? Social media offers a free platform where you can create and share content to reach an audience of like-minded people. Expressing your creativity can support senior wellness by keeping you engaged in the activities that have always brought you joy. It’s also a great way to share knowledge from your area of expertise.

Sharing content on social media helps you combine your hobbies and interests with interpersonal connections. A simple how-to post can help others learn a new skill, and short videos allow you to both explain and show others how your creation came to be. You could demonstrate how to prepare a favorite family recipe, share stories of personal experiences, or give a step-by-step evolution of a project. Our kind and patient staff members can help walk you through how to create and edit social media posts so you can share your content with confidence.

Continue Learning
Learning has no age limit. Staying curious can support senior wellness and keep your brain sharp. You might be surprised to see how much you can learn thanks to social media. You can follow local colleges and community organizations that offer educational opportunities for seniors to find out about upcoming classes. Many museums, scientific groups and other organizations maintain social media accounts where they share information, photography, videos, and interesting articles.

Many seniors enjoy following favorite sports teams, local businesses, or people of interest on social media. Older adults can remain in-the-know by reading updates and watching the newest videos from their favorite people or organizations. Social media content is constantly evolving, which presents engaging opportunities for older adults to help keep their minds sharp.

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