Expansion Completed: Brandermill Woods’ Year-in-ReviewBrandermill Woods independent living angle

Expansion Completed: Brandermill Woods’ Year-in-Review

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

We’ve reached the end of another exciting year at Brandermill Woods. Perhaps our biggest milestone in 2017 was completing our four-year expansion project—a major investment in our community that offers our residents a wealth of new amenities and upgrades while preserving the small-town feel that we all cherish. The expansion includes a gorgeous new wellness center, additional dining options, events and activities spaces, and 93 new apartments for seniors to choose from.

“This expansion project is really an extension of what Brandermill Woods is all about,” said Amy Willmarth, marketing director for the community. “For more than 30 years, we’ve been championing a new kind of retirement where seniors can live life on their own terms. Residents love the feel of our beautiful, tree-lined community, but we want to make sure we continue offering the kinds of lifestyle amenities seniors are looking for in retirement today. Whether it’s fitness activities and water sports, or movie nights and coffee dates, seniors at Brandermill Woods are now able to do more than ever in our community.”

With the culmination of this expansion project, residents of Brandermill Woods are enjoying:

State-of-the-Art Wellness Center: To support the health and vitality of residents, the new wellness center includes a fitness center, an arts and crafts studio, a chapel, a medical office and an indoor swimming pool for water lovers.

Clubhouse Upgrades: The community’s old clubhouse has received a facelift to incorporate gorgeous new décor, a coffee bar, event space, a greenhouse and a movie theater.

World-Class Dining: Dining at Brandermill Woods has always been world-class, and it continues to shine thanks to the community’s new casual eatery with a display kitchen, as well as a more formal dining room.

93 Brand New Apartments: To welcome more retirees from central Virginia, Brandermill Woods has added apartments ranging from cozy one-bedroom units to spacious two-bedroom deluxe models, all with outdoor porches and elegant finishing touches.

Over the past four years, Brandermill Woods has received numerous inquiries about and compliments on the expansion project, and everyone in the community is thrilled with the results. As our community begins its next chapter, we invite you to visit the campus to tour these new amenities and learn more about how you can live the retirement of your dreams.

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