Celebrate Sons and Daughters Day on August 11Brandermill Woods independent living angle

Celebrate Sons and Daughters Day on August 11

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

While our Brandermill Woods neighbors are absolutely the best, everyone also enjoys having family come to visit. The connection, especially between parent and child does not diminish, and often grows stronger as the years pass. That’s why we’re excited to celebrate Sons and Daughters Day on Aug. 11. We hope to see many sons and daughters visiting outside in the weeks to come. 

For Sons and Daughter Day, we take a moment to appreciate all that our children mean to our lives. This may be even more true today, as we’ve greatly missed seeing family members during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, in June, we were able to begin allowing visits, using caution and social distancing. Our community has been thrilled to spend time with sons and daughters again in person. 

Dee Kapsak and her daughter Julie Pandelidis were able to visit each other in June. While Julie lives three hours away, she would usually come to see her mom at least once a month.  

“I’ve been in here for three months without seeing my children. This has been such a blessing; God is good,” said Dee, who was “over the moon” to see Julie again.

At the same time, both mother and daughter appreciated the Brandermill Woods safety protocols and the staff’s positive attitude. 

“Everyone is so happy to serve, there’s always a smiling face. Everyone tries to accommodate you, I couldn’t have picked a better place to live,” said Dee.

Julie added, “There is nothing like this in Pennsylvania. [Brandermill Woods is] a beautiful place, and Mom is always talking about how cautious everyone has been and how everyone has taken [COVID-19] seriously and kept everyone safe.”

Brandermill Woods continues to prioritize safety, while also allowing responsible social distancing through outdoor visits. 

Barbara Given was excited to have her daughter, Bethany  Stranick, visit. They enjoyed catching up, even though they talk by phone most days. Bethany said, “It’s nicer to talk in person. We usually have a ritual on Fridays and have lunch together, but since COVID-19, my Fridays have been empty!” 

Barbara added, “I am pleased and thankful for the administration for taking this virus seriously. My friend lives in Northern Virginia in a community and there is just no comparison. I am very pleased with everything here.”

May you all continue to enjoy sons’ and daughters’ visits, especially on Aug. 11. Stay well!