Care’ Comes First in Caregiving at Brandermill WoodsBrandermill Woods independent living angle

Care’ Comes First in Caregiving at Brandermill Woods

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Brandermill Woods has built a strong reputation in Central Virginia for “redefining retirement”—helping residents trade in the lawn mower and gutter cleaning for a lifestyle of happy hours and lifelong learning. But as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), our job is to redefine every stage of retirement, and we do this with a razor focus on caregiving.

“Caregiving encompasses a broad range, and includes everything from the family member checking in on a loved one to the health care worker providing 24/7 support for a long-term care resident,” said Charmaine Preiss, Executive Director of Brandermill Woods. “We like to focus on the word care, because care is the difference between simply doing a job and truly living out your profession.”

When we think about the profession of caregiving, the word care really has multiple meanings: to “take care” of our residents, and to “care about” them and their families. Our friendly team of caregivers strives to live out both meanings of the word every day.

Taking Care

Our number one job is to take care of our residents in every neighborhood:

In Independent Living, that means offering the amenities to help our seniors live out the retirement of their dreams. From maintenance-free housing to a wealth of daily activities—including fitness classes, social hours, games, and movie nights—we take care of our seniors’ lifestyle needs.

In our Assisted Living, Memory Care and Health Care communities, taking care means providing the physical and mental support our residents and their families need: help with dressing and bathing, medication management, professional nursing or other medical support, as well as constant variety of social activities for all of our residents to enjoy.

When you come to Brandermill Woods, we are here to take care of you.

Caring About

In addition to taking care of you, you can also rest assured that we care about you. Caregiving is a human profession. It’s not a job you do but rather a calling you profess. The staff at Brandermill Woods all love people, and the human connections that the profession of caregiving provides.

What that means for our residents is that we get to know you and your family by name. We take an interest in your interests and preferences, and we get to know your schedule. Brandermill Woods is a neighborhood where residents get to know each other and enjoy the social life with new friends, but it’s also a place where the staff connects with residents.

If you ask our residents, they agree we’ve built a special community here. As resident Sonja Turner explained, “I am grateful for living in the safe and lovely community of Brandermill Woods. It offers numerous activities which encourage socialization. It is a great place to spend the ‘golden years.’”

Meanwhile, resident Dot Welch recently said, “I am sincerely thankful we have Jami as our Brandermill Woods Concierge as she is always pleasant and has the answer to all questions or she will be happy to find the answer for you.”

It’s always nice to see a friendly, caring face, and that’s who you will find every day at Brandermill Woods.