4 Tips for Healthy AgingBrandermill Woods independent living angle

4 Tips for Healthy Aging

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Most older adults would say that maintaining their health is one of their highest – or even the highest–priority as they age. Thankfully, doing that today is easier than ever since Brandermill Woods is committed to keeping pace with what’s best for an aging community and offering residents what they need to achieve what’s most important to them.

As you think about your goal for healthy aging, consider these 4 tips – all of which you can find at Brandermill Woods.  

Cut Your Rut

It’s time to try something new. Look no further than BW’s calendar of activities and classes in our first-rate fitness center. There is something for everyone including men’s and women’s classes, aerobics, swimming, and much more. Surprise your body and work some new muscles groups by switching things up. New activities are also good for your mind, and you might even discover a new passion or talent!

Double Up

Bring a friend along, or make a new friend along the way. Fitness is more fun when you do it with someone else. Plus, you can encourage and be accountable to each other. This is another advantage of BW – you live among friends and it’s easy to pair up. If we’ve learned nothing else from the pandemic, the importance of community and relationships was more apparent than ever to overall health.

Beyond the Physical

Healthy aging is more than just having a strong and fit body. It’s also about a healthy mind and spirit. That’s why BW’s activities touch on all of these. Do you need to meditate and get still, or laugh and be busy, or all of the above? You can do that here. Recognize that every time you take a walk outside, sit on a bench, have a drink with a friend, read a good book, crush it on a golf outing, or eat a delicious meal in the dining room that you are helping yourself age well.

Talk it Out

At Brandermill Woods, we don’t just say that we are redefining retirement. We mean it. And we want you to mean it, too. Let us help you with your healthy aging goals. Visit the nurse in the wellness center or talk with a fitness instructor. Speak to your physician and keep current on all of your physicals. Let them help you make a plan and track progress. You may not be as mobile, as flexible, as strong or as resilient as you once were. That’s OK. It’s about maximizing what you can do and living the healthiest life you can as you age.